Hello Again

It’s been a while. Since I wrote. Since I put my thoughts on paper. Since everything.

Recently I stood my balcony, with a cup of tea (of course), and watched as the clouds cleared to make way for a new dawn. They also made way for new thoughts, new beginings or just old beginnings, really, for how many new starts do we get. It’s been a while since I travelled, or done anything.

However, there are various forms of achievement. I’ve seen days when getting out of bed is in itself an achievement. I’ve travelled to and from work every single day. I’ve fed myself and a whole lot of other people. I’ve survived an accident and a health scare. I’m in charge of my own finances. Although I’ve kept most friends and family at a distance, I know I’m loved.

Also, the world today is in the middle of pandemic and personal victories seem small. I have mangaed to finally put my thoughts on paper.


body of water under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by InstaWalli on Pexels.com